I’m a big fan of Android and love the way you can customize it to your liking.  I’m what you can call a flash-a-holic.  I love flashing my phone with the newest nightlies.  Currently I’m using Temasek’s CM12 Unofficial Nightly for Bacon.  I like the sabermod version as I personally think it is faster than the Linaro version.  The latest is build 6.9 on Feb 3rd and I just flashed it this morning.  Since my flash this morning around 8am I’m down to 66% battery life with moderate use and 3-4 reboots to finish off customizing it to my liking.  Below are some of the features that are included with the latest build.  I don’t use all of them but will show some major ones.

1. Lockscreen Weather – I personally love this and use it all the time to get a quick glance at the weather.


2. App Circle – I personally don’t use this but if you want quick access to your apps with a quick swipe from the right it’s there for you.


3. Omni Switch – Replaces the default recent apps.  I don’t use this feature either but has the option to switch apps, kill all and kill all except for active app.


If you own a OnePlus One and wanted to try out a solid Lollipop build give the Temasek build a try.